Dispersal of proceeds

from the sale of the Orland Building

In October 2017, the church of Christ in Orland, CA made the difficult decision to dissolve due to declining membership. The building where the Orland congregation worshipped for about 60 years was sold and the proceeds were entrusted to the eldership of the Chico Church of Christ for dispersal. The Elders in Chico resolved to distribute these funds to several church of Christ affiliated organizations/missional efforts and, after prayerful consideration, chose the following groups to be the recipients of these funds.

Although we are disappointed in the situation that led to the closing of the Orland congregation, we are pleased to provide these contributions. May God bless the workers and the good work that each of these groups are doing in sharing the gospel of Christ.

Sierra Bible Camp - $50,000


Letter from Sierra Bible Camp Board Treasurer Mike Vincelli:

"Dear Elders of the Chico Church of Christ,

as a servant of God's Kingdom it is with great humbleness that I write to you. Your very generous donation of $50,000 to Sierra Bible Camp has come at just the precise moment in time. SBC is at this very moment building a new family bunkhouse. God willing this new family bunkhouse will allow young families to enjoy camp and bring a new generation of young kids to God's work. We understand how the closing of the Orland church came to benefit SBC. Please feel great comfort that that closing of one of God's buildings is leading to the construction of another of God's buildings that will serve many generations to come."

View plans for the bunkhouse below

Eastern European Mission - $10,000

eem.org | circlefacebook


The Bible. We Want Everyone To Get It. 

These words are much more than a tagline or phrase to be associated with EEM. They describe the heart of EEM as it was established in 1961 by the 6 young couples who served in Europe. These women and men risked their lives to smuggle Bibles through to former Communist Bloc countries because they believed in the power of God’s Word, which continue as EEM’s foundation and guiding force today.

From the beginning, this small team worked to give away 100 Bibles a year. Soon after it was a couple hundred, and years later it was thousands of Bibles a year that found a way to eager hands and hearts. In 2017, over 1 million Bibles and Bible-based materials were delivered to God’s people throughout Europe!  

World Bible School - $10,000

worldbibleschool.org | circlefacebook


WBS offers free Bible courses through mail, email and online. Study helpers guide students through the Scriptures in their self-paced Bible studies.

Every week, thousands of people use the World Bible School website to learn from God's word. These people come from nearly every country on earth. The Bible was written for every person in every culture.

Healing Hands

International - $10,000

hhi.org | circlefacebook


Healing Hands International is a Christian humanitarian relief organization with the purpose of extending the love of Jesus Christ to a lost and hurting world, helping suffering people through water development, food development, disaster relief, medical and educational programs.

Natal Mission Fund - $5000

Roberto Signoretti and Osmildo Braga, missionaries and ministers to the Igreja Comunidade de Cristo in Natal, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil, recently suffered a sudden loss of funding due to unforeseen financial circumstances within their supporting congregation. We learned of their situation through Lanita Boyd, our elder Larry Bradley's sister, who's become familiar with the work in Natal through Let's Start Talking mission trips.

Satelite Iglesia de Cristo - $5000

In anticipation of the Chico eldership being given the responsibility of utilizing the proceeds from the sale of the Orland building to further God’s kingdom, our elder Lyle Thompson inquired with Chuck Caton, our friend and long-time member of the the Twin Cities Church of Christ, and was made aware of an opportunity to help the Satelite Iglesia de Cristo (Church of Christ) in Mexicali, Mexico with their on-going church building project. Chuck and the Oroville Church of Christ have had a long-standing relationship with the Satelite church, which started construction on the current site in 1986.

Chuck put Lyle in contact with Daniel Frausto Fuentes, preacher at the Satelite church. In July 2018, a group of nine from the church including Daniel and his brother (the church's song leader) and several family members happened to be visiting Chuck and his family. They were able to worship with us in Chico on July 1st and the $5,000 check was presented to them that day.

With the money they received from the Orland church building sale, they immediately purchased building materials and were able to continue their work on the second floor addition to their church building. This addition will serve as the worship auditorium and will be a great blessing to them when they host their annual gathering of churches of Christ in Baja California.

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