We will have our church building open this Sunday morning for our 9:30am class and 10:30am worship!

Our Elders have made the decision to resume required mask wearing for all those in attendance, for the time being, beginning on September 12. For those who are not yet ready for a return to the building we will still be utilizing Zoom on Sundays. Our Zoom meeting invite links are being sent through email, so if you would like to receive these emails, please let us know so we can add you to our contact list.

Church Announcements & Prayer List from Sunday 9/19/21


  • Please continue to pray for firefighters and those effected by the recent fires. Churches of Christ Disaster Relief Effort is sending a truckload of supplies to Chester to aid those effected by the Dixie fire. It should arrive in Chester this Monday so if you would like to help with the unloading please contact Lyle Thompson.
  • We've set dates with the Jesus Center for serving through their Sunday morning breakfast. Our first date for these breakfasts will be October 24, and the following two will be January 16 and April 10, 2022.
  • COVID 19 – Brett Crummer is in the ICU in Redding. Vic Hagen (Dana Shepherd's brother) is at Enloe in the ICU.
  • Brandon Kingsley – Having a procedure on Monday to have a non-cancerous lump on his back removed.
  • Bob Bauer (Glenda's husband) – Suffered a heart attack and stroke.
  • Russ Bates & family
  • Sue McGowan



Chris Hinkle – Pneumonia.

Russ Bates & family – Russ on Palliative care, will still be undergoing radiation treatment.

Sue McGowan – Beginning CAR-T cell therapy trial.

Ted Hanson – Diagnosed with prostate cancer, but doctors have given him a good prognosis and he does not currently need to undergo any treatment.

Congratulations to Nette and Alan! (Married during a short ceremony after worship on 7/11) Pray for them as they begin this new marriage.

Francis & Grace Herring

Shirley Weagle – Back pain.

The Pollard Family

Bill Such – On-going heart issues

Shawn and Robin Guinn have moved to Oklahoma! Pray for them as they get settled in to their new home and community.

Linda Martin – Atrial fibrillation. She has been prescribed medication to treat it, but doctors have suggested she may need a procedure to deal with it.

Karen Duval – Having heart issues.

Johnny Farris – Health issues.

Vicky Benner

Stephanie Russell and Christine Sanchez

Dee Miller

Raynell Orr- Scoliosis

Jon Bristow and family

Lucille Powell

Steve and Ann Bokulich

Angelo and Donna Austin – Health issues

Friends and family

Please pray for firefighters and those affected by the fires currently burning.

COVID 19 – Brett Crummer (in hospital in Redding), and Vic Hagen (Dana Shepherd's brother).

Brandon Bloxham (the Presswoods’ son-in-law) – Prostate cancer.

Joseph Dunbar – Recently graduated basic training, now at Fort Campbell.

Zane O’Laughlin (43 y.o. son of a friend of the Bradleys) – Brain cancer; surgery got 95% of tumor, no radiation or chemo (slow growing tumor)

Patrice Perry (Viva’s niece) – Receiving radiation therapy.

Barry Henderson (Nancy’s son) – Needs two hip replacements.

Linda Sayre (Tammie Cessna’s mom) – Heart murmur.

Madeira Panzer – Pre-cancerous mole on bottom of foot- to have removed.

Mericia Panzer – Issues with light-headedness/dizziness

Isaiah Hinojosa (friend of the Gomezes) – Major car accident. Sustained multiple injuries.

Logan Bradley – In two-year treatment plan at UC Davis Medical to keep her leukemia in remission. she shouldn’t need to be admitted to the hospital for this and future phases but the treatment will still be difficult. Expected end date for treatment is Sept. 2022.

Soccorro Gomez (Sarah Gomez’s sister-in-law in Fresno) – Received double lung transplant!

Sherry Hill (Arah's stepsister) – Stage 4 lung cancer.

Jaden (Judy Thomson's nephew) – Broke his neck in swimming accident. No cord damage.13 years old.

Stacy Lewis – pregnancy.

Greg Thomas (Sue’s friend)- Pain/depression.

Joe Nickels son’s friend, Julie – Lymphoma.

David Rowe – Kidney problem.

Deborah Miles-Henson (Sylvia Thompson’s sister) has been on oxygen for a long time and is now having lung fibrosis issues.

Haskell Hallmark (Arah Barham’s brother in Rio Rancho, NM)- Heart disease. Partial foot amputation and two stents put in to improve circulation in legs.

Jim Mullesch (Sue McGowan’s brother in Castro Valley)- heart issues.

Tanner Weast (Pam Mayerle’s Grandson)- blocked ureter. Seeing a urologist.

Rod Krueger (friend of Debbie Farris)

Esmeraldo Yanga (Jemie Rocca’s father in San Diego) – Undergoing chemo treatments for extensive small cell lung cancer.

Fidel Diaz (Jemie Rocca’s uncle in San Diego) – various health issues.

Pat Haselton

Joe Glenn

Dottie Hagen

Friends & Families of These Loved Ones Who Have Passed Away Recently


Howard Hallmark (Arah Barham’s father) - September 3

Winford Hilton (friend of Bob Abercrombie)

Carmen Willingham (Nora Shippelhoute's mother) - August 1

Gerald Hinkle (Chris Hinkle's father) - August 1

Trevor Douglas (Larry’s cousin)

Joyce Reynolds - July 21

Erin Baker - June 24

Joyce Rodriguez (Cy Weagle's sister) - May 12

David Hanley (friend of Cy Weagle) - March 10

Lola Gomez (Sarah Gomez’s sister-in-law)

Patty Smith (Ted Hanson’s aunt) - March 5

Patrick Young (son of Judy Thomson's friend Kay Young)

Kezia Hallmark (Arah Barham's sister) - February 14

Gladys Denney (Mother of Ted & Judy’s son-in-law Matt)

Iness Hayes (Toni Farris’ sister) - January 23

Ray Martin - January 20

Jean Sowell - January 11


Joan Dossett (Cathy Haws’ mother)

Susan Rosenbaum (James Rosenbaum's mother)

David Henderson (Nancy’s husband) - November 23

Grant Adams - November 15

Sue Baxter - November 14

Ethan Romsdal (son of Greg and Lynn Romsdal) - November 8

Steve, Mason and Josh Collier (Close friends of Julie & Eric Renfro in Colorado) - October 23

Ethan McCoy (Sarah Castro’s HS classmate’s 10-year-old son) - October 20

Nettie May - September 14

Ken Atwood

Bobby Plant (David Plant's brother) - August 28

Andrew Runge (Joan Solberg’s son-in-law)

Rene Castro (Sarah Castro’s mother-in-law)

Roxanna Parker (Cathryn Flores’ neighbor and client) - August 8

Joyce Crawford - July 26

Gene Benson (Friend of the Hinkles)

Rachel (Henry McManus’ best friend Porter's mother)

Margorie Christy (Shirley’s sister-in-law) - June 28

Keith Crummer - June 5

Katie Mishler's mother, Martha

Dean Hancock (Rod Thomson’s brother-in-law)

Bob Carper

Bill Rogers (friend of Tammy Cessna)

Flay Louden (Larry Bradley’s sister’s brother-in-law) - April 19

Willadean (Dean) Kelley (Tim Kelley’s mother) - April 15

Maria Riley (friend of the Bradleys) - April 14

Linda Kingsley - April 2

Trena (Wakefield) Hoff (niece of Toni & Johnny Farris)- April 1

Audie Henry (Cindy Rost's brother) - March 16

Louise Renfro (Weagle’s son-in-law Eric's mother)


Sandy Rogers-Kojima, Japan

Steve and Josie Mock-Philippines

Alan and Ree Nalley-Brazil

Wycliffe Bible Translators-Jim & Barbe


Churches of Christ Disaster Relief Effort

Agape Villages

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