Church Announcements & Prayer List from Sunday 3/19/23

  • Our class topics for the Spring quarter: A Life of Faith on Sundays at 9:30am at the building, and Pleasing the Father on Wednesdays at 7pm on Zoom
  • We have the opportunity to conduct the worship service at The Oakmont Senior Living Community on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month, including today, at 1:15. See Chet for more information about this. This is an exciting time of "picking up where we left off", as pre-covid we had been conducting a devotional service at The Oakmont for the past 37 years!
  • Congregational singing – This Wednesday in the building at 7pm.
  • Janet Kleyn from Agape Villages will be visiting us next Sunday, March 26, to give an informational presentation after services about the work the foster family agency does.
  • Also next Sunday, we will be having our Walk4Water Giving Lunch. The Shepherd Small Group will prepare a lovely lunch for which donations will be accepted that will go toward the fundraising efforts of the Walk4Water.
  • We praise God as we celebrate Jerry Lowe's baptism last Sunday! Jerry testified to the kindness of God leading us to repentance -amen and amen!
  • The Women's Bible Class had a wonderful time at their luncheon last Thursday -thank you to the Hanson's for hosting in their lovely home!
  • Praise God for the rain!
  • Please continue to pray for Kathy Taylor and family as they mourn the loss of her son, Steve Fischer.
  • Noah Boyce – Diagnosed with Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome; to have ablation procedure on April 4. Karen Fleming is currently there with the Boyce family.
  • Sylvia Thompson – In the hospital
  • Russell Farris – Headed to San Francisco for tests and chemotherapy.
  • Tom Beebe – Broken wrist

Birthdays this Week

Rhonda Terrell - March 20

Remington Smith - March 21

Lorenzo Rocca - March 24



Jerry Lowe

Russell Farris

Sylvia Thompson

Barbara Legg

Star Sullivan – Fell and hurt her knee

Dana Rutledge

Johnny Farris

Cathy Kline

Sue McGowan

June Abercrombie

Chris Hinkle

Tom Beebe

Ray Pollard & family

Grace Herring has moved to Visalia, California. Please pray for Grace as she settles in there.

Larry Bradley

Don & Merle Batie

Sherry Bates

Barry Henderson

Ann Bokulich

Stephanie Russell

Donna Austin

Friends and family

Noah Boyce – Diagnosed with Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome; to have ablation procedure on April 4

Trevor Rickson (Tom Taylor's grandson) – Heart issues

Tessa (Craig Fleming's niece)

Brian Cannon (Cindy Henry's son)

Jake Edwards – Starting stem cell treatments. Diagnosed with Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV), which is root cause of the 2 cancers he's dealt with over the last several years, and the cancer he is now undergoing treatment for. 

Connor Boyce (the Flemings' son-in-law) and family (Kathryn, Noah, Micah, Canon and Bo)

Charles Forsyth, jr.

Bubby Thompson

Pat Haselton

Kacey Kelley – Dealing with long term Covid

Pat Henry (Cindy's brother) – Colon cancer.

Mike Ralph (Larry Bradley's cousin) – Cancer

Tassa Todd (Star's daughter) – Breast cancer

Patsy Kelly's brother, Tony – Lung cancer

Cher Ekasala (Jimmie Sowell's daughter)

Chris Hinkle is requesting prayers for the County Line Church of Christ in Tennessee as they search for a preacher.

Patty Leonard (Bob & June Abercrombie's daughter) – Breast cancer

Logan Bradley – Logan has now finished two-year treatment plan at UC Davis Medical to keep her leukemia in remission and is cancer free!

Bill Such

Dr. Bishop (Judy Thomson's Dr.) – Brain tumor

Steve Harnden (Christie's cousin) – Pancreatic cancer

Donna Baker

Tiffany Smith – Lyme disease

Friends & Families of These Loved Ones Who Have Passed Away Recently


Steve Fischer (Kathy Taylor's son) - March 11

Darlene Spivey - February 5

Sarah Gomez's Grandmother - January


Dottie Hagen (Dana Shepherd's mother) - November 29

Jackie Castaldo (friend of the Bokulich's)

Linda Carter (Nette's sister) - September 11

Wendell (Butch) Quarrels (Viva Rhodes’ brother) - September

Jamal Dudley (Viva Rhodes’ nephew) - September

Nada Ellenbrand (Stephanie Russell's Mother) - September 25

Virginia Longera (Dana Collier's Aunt) - September

Corky Cooper - August 19

Bill Wojciechowski (Dana Rutledge's uncle) - August 18

Francis Herring - August 16

LD Ralph (Larry Bradley's uncle) - July

Gene St. Mary (Bob Abercrombie's brother in law) - July

Clarice Abercrombie (Lyle Thompson's aunt) - June 21

Sheryl Daugherty (friend of Viva Rhodes) - June

Bobby Pearson (Bob Abercrombie's sister-in-law)

Fran Montonya - May

Joan Beatty - May

Esmeraldo Yanga (Jemie Rocca's father) - March 3

Jim Radford (friend of Tom Taylor)

Wallace Ralph (Larry Bradley's uncle) - February 22

Jean Plew (friend of Arah Barham) - February 21

Hank Lawson (friend of Harold Presswood and Director of Church and Community Relations for Agape Villages)

Shirley Weagle - February 2

Wilda Adams (Mike Adams' mother) - January 25


Sandy Rogers - Kojima, Japan

Mark & Karen Abercrombie - Leipzig, Germany

Chad Wagner - Nigeria

Steve and Josie Mock - Philippines

Jim & Barbe Albright - Wycliffe Bible Translators

Churches of Christ Disaster Relief Effort

Agape Villages Foster Family Agency

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