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Tom Beebe

Russell Farris

Sarah Gomez – Recovering after knee surgery.

Cy Weagle

Nancy Bradley

Buzz Beattie

Sue McGowan

Patsy Kelly

Karen Duval

John Satterfield

June Abercrombie

Dana Rutledge

Cindy Henry

Mericia Panzer – Fainting spells.

Lyle Thompson

Jimmy Sowell – Hearing loss and vertigo.

Sherry Bates & Dana Hornyak

Friends and family

Connor Boyce (the Flemings' son-in-law) and family (Kathryn, Noah, Micah, Canon and Bo)

Susie Rutledge (Chet's Mom) – On-going heart issues.

Patti Hinkle (Chris' Mom)

Steve Boyd (Larry Bradley's Brother-in-law)

Trish (Mary Helow's friend) – Starting chemo.

Zoey Courtwright (daughter of Kye & Linda Courtwright, missionaries in Germany) – Leukemia.

Jason Kehm (Cy Weagle’s grandson) – Entering the Navy.

Ricky Henderson (Nancy Henderson's son)

Susan Such – Recovering after stroke.

Mike Friend (friend of Gary Duval) – Cancer

Adrienne Winburn (Friend of Viva Rhodes)

David Sherman (Viva Rhodes' son-in-law)

Anastacia (Craig Fleming's sister)

Karen Abercrombie (Bob & June Abercrombie's daughter in law) – Crohn's disease.

Barry Henderson (Nancy's son)

Patty Leonard (Bob & June Abercrombie's daughter)

Jake Edwards – Epstein-Barr Virus. Lymphoma now in remission!

Walker Parnell – Diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.

Pat Henry (Cindy's brother) – Colon cancer.

Wayne Del Rio (Nadene Hinkle's uncle)

Tessa (Craig Fleming's niece)

Brian Cannon (Cindy Henry's son)

Charles Forsyth, jr.

Pat Haselton

Tassa Todd (Star's daughter) – Breast cancer

Patsy Kelly's brother, Tony – Lung cancer

Friends & Families of These Loved Ones Who Have Passed Away Recently


Joe Bokulich (Steve Bokulich's brother) - January

Joan Solberg - January 16

John McCullough (Dianne Beebe's brother) - January


Marjorie Scott (Cy Weagle's sister-in-law) - December

Nancy Turner - December 6

Dianne Beebe - November 23

Sylvia Thompson - October 19

Helen Montinettie (Barbara Benner’s sister) - October

Johnny Farris - October 14

Steve Harnden (Christie Presswood's cousin) - August 22

Richard Spivey - August 7

Joe Glenn - July 20

Grace Herring - July 7

Dale Bradley (Larry Bradley's cousin) - June 30

Haskell Hallmark (Arah Barham's brother) - June 18

Kathy Taylor's sister - June

Brett Barham's sister - June

Bob Bauer (Glenda Babbitt's husband) - May 5

Mike Ralph (Larry Bradley’s cousin) - April 9

Tyree Ralph (Larry Bradley’s cousin) - April

Jerry Lowe - March 22

Steven Tadeo (Linnea Smith's colleague at Inspire) - March 19

Steve Fischer (Kathy Taylor's son) - March 11

Darlene Spivey - February 5

Sarah Gomez's Grandmother - January


Sandy Rogers - Kojima, Japan

Mark & Karen Abercrombie - Leipzig, Germany

Chad Wagner - Nigeria

Steve and Josie Mock - Philippines

Jim & Barbe Albright - Wycliffe Bible Translators

Churches of Christ Disaster Relief Effort - USA

Agape Villages Foster Family Agency - Northern California

BridgingtheGap4Water - Water Systems in Developing Countries (Based in Chico, CA)

The Jesus Center - Chico, CA

True North Housing Alliance / Torres Community Shelter - Chico, CA

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