Church Announcements & Prayer List from Sunday 5/22/22

  • Amber Abney-Bass from the Jesus Center is visiting us today to give an informational presentation about the JC Renewal Center after services.
  • Upcoming Neighborhood BBQ – Wednesday, June 8th at 5pm.
  • Christie Presswood, who serves as our Church Secretary/Office Manager, will be retiring this year, with her last day being September 30. The elders are looking to hire someone to fill this position when that time comes. Please contact the elders if you are interested in the position.
  • Annella Beattie
  • Sue McGowan
  • Gaylene DiLorenzo – Broke rib in a fall.
  • Cheyanna VanIwarden (Judy Thomson's granddaughter)
  • Nancy Henderson
  • Wendy Thompson
  • Patty Leonard (Bob Abercrombie's daughter) – Will have additional surgery.
  • Nancy Bradley

Birthdays this Week

Ted Hanson - May 24

Christie Presswood - May 27



Sue McGowan

Gaylene DiLorenzo – Broke rib in a fall.

Annella Beattie – Had heart attack and stent put in recently.

Nancy Henderson

Wendy Thompson

Nancy Bradley

Donna Baker – Moving back to Ohio to live with niece, Vicky Hoopes.

Johnny Farris

Patsy Kelly

Sam Blake

Karen Duval – Anemia

The Roadman family

Dana Hornyak

Betty Campbell – Knee problems

Angelo & Donna Austin

Dee Miller

Raynelle Orr

Francis & Grace Herring

Vicky Benner

Lucille Powell

Friends and family

Cheyanna VanIwarden (Judy Thomson's granddaughter)

Connor Boyce (the Flemings' son-in-law) and family (Kathryn, Noah, Micah, Canon and Bo) – Brain tumor was found to be Oligodendroglioma so he's receiving radiation and chemotherapy.

Bobbie Sue (Donna Baker's niece) – Cancer; on hospice.

Patty Leonard (Bob Abercrombie's daughter) – Breast cancer

Jake Edwards

Steve Harnden (Christie Presswood's cousin)

Barry Henderson (Nancy’s son)

Larry Baer (Judy Thomson's son-in-law) – Diagnosed with Chordoma (clival tumor) - had surgery March 21 and biopsy showed good results. To repeat MRI in 3 months, no radiation for now.

Sky Adams – Recovering after March 18th heart valve replacement.

Joseph Dunbar

Tiffany Smith – Lyme disease

Joe Glenn – Recovering after quadruple bypass surgery.

Bethany Owen (Bob Abercrombie's great-granddaughter) – Spina bifida

Dottie Hagen (Dana Shepherd's mom)

Bob Abercrombie's daughter-in-law Karen – Crohn's disease

Susie Hilton (Cindy's sister) – Broken disk in back.

Logan Bradley – In two-year treatment plan at UC Davis Medical to keep her leukemia in remission. she shouldn’t need to be admitted to the hospital for this and future phases but the treatment will still be difficult. Expected end date for treatment is Sept. 2022.

Friends & Families of These Loved Ones Who Have Passed Away Recently


Fran Montonya - May

Joan Beatty - May

Esmeraldo Yanga (Jemie Rocca's father) - March 3

Jim Radford (friend of Tom Taylor)

Wallace Ralph (Larry Bradley's uncle) - February 22

Jean Plew (friend of Arah Barham) - February 21

Hank Lawson (friend of Harold Presswood and Director of Church and Community Relations for Agape Villages)

Shirley Weagle - February 2

Wilda Adams (Mike Adams' mother) - January 25


David Odom (Chet Rutledge's cousin)

Tom Farris (Johnny Farris' brother) - December 10

Ross Holman (friend of the Beebes) - December 9

Duffy Skelly (Karen Duval's step father)

Vic Hagen (Dana Shepherd's brother) - September 25

Brittany Hibdon - September 21

Howard Hallmark (Arah Barham’s father) - September 3

Winford Hilton (friend of Bob Abercrombie)

Carmen Willingham (Nora Shippelhoute's mother) - August 1

Gerald Hinkle (Chris Hinkle's father) - August 1

Trevor Douglas (Larry’s cousin)

Joyce Reynolds - July 21

Erin Baker - June 24

Joyce Rodriguez (Cy Weagle's sister) - May 12

David Hanley (friend of Cy Weagle) - March 10

Lola Gomez (Sarah Gomez’s sister-in-law)

Patty Smith (Ted Hanson’s aunt) - March 5

Kezia Hallmark (Arah Barham's sister) - February 14

Gladys Denney (Mother of Ted & Judy’s son-in-law Matt)

Iness Hayes (Toni Farris’ sister) - January 23

Ray Martin - January 20

Jean Sowell - January 11


Sandy Rogers - Kojima, Japan

Chad Wagner - Nigeria

Steve and Josie Mock - Philippines

Alan and Ree Nalley - Brazil

Jim & Barbe Albright - Wycliffe Bible Translators

Churches of Christ Disaster Relief Effort

Agape Villages

happening this week

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