Our History

The Chico Church of Christ began worshipping together on January 7, 1951 at a Women’s Art Club facility located at 592 E. Third St. in Chico. Several men preached for the congregation before the first official preaching minister, Fletcher Cauthen, began his work with us.

The church built the facility we now worship in and moved in in 1958. The majority of the work during the construction of the building was done by church members; while the men worked, the women of the church would prepare food and bring it down to them.

At that time, the leadership of the church included James St. Cloud, Lewis McGuire, and Ernest Groff. At the time of the move, the preaching minister was a man named Carl Thompson.

Many men have served in ministry here over the years including:

Names                            Year Started


  Fletcher Cauthen            1951

  Paul Stewart                    1954

  Carl Thompson                1957

  A.J. Curry                          1960

  George Wilkens                1961

  Ed Jones                           1964

  Curly Hense                      1967

  Charles Adams                  

  Larry Hart                         1974

  Jack Bilts                           1977

  Bobb Gowen                      1980

  Richard Jordan                  1986

  Bobb Gowen                      1988

  Keith Harding                     1994

  Curtis Barbarick                1995

  Tim Kelley                           2003 - 2014

  Joshua Parrish (Associate)   2008 - 2011

  Chet Rutledge                     2014

  Jon Bristow                         2017

  Chet Rutledge                     2020

We have seen our attendance fluctuate from time to time but there has been one constant over the years at the corner of Burnap and Lassen in Chico, and that is a group of people who gather together that love Jesus Christ and worship him with all their hearts.

 (History courtesy of Earnestine Davis)

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